Montage of Beautiful Things: Feedback and Marks

The montages have been marked and it was a real pleasure to see the hard work of the last term come together in some very good monatges.  The UNMODERATED marks (i.e they could go up or down), will be on Universe as soon as they are input onto the system: the feedback sheets will be given back in the first session of the Rethink, React, Respond module on May 23rd. If you cannot wait that long, you can collect them from me but ONLY during my tutorial times.

One bit of generic feedback I would give everyone is that, although people worked hard on this module, a lot of people lost a lot of marks by not working to the Assessment Criteria for the module and ignoring the brief. So, many people did not produce the required number of videos, many people did not blog according the the guidelines that were put up on the module blog and many people presented their work really poorly.  If you want to get the full benefit of your education (and, by implication, the full marks you deserve) you must address this in all future modules. You still have two this year that count towards your degree: next year the modules are bigger and MUCH more significant.

Enjoy the rest of your Professional Experience and see you on May 23rd.


Montage Feedback and Prizes

Just a reminder that if you bring in your completed or rough cut montages to Monday’s session we will be able to give you feedback on your work.

We will also be awarding prizes to the best ones. These Prizes will be for:

– Best Conceptual Thinking

– Best Creative Execution

– Best Cinematography and/or Sound

The 3 winners will automatically be offered places on the BBC Big Screen training and paid work opportunity that we have over the summer.

So good luck!

Course Reading List

Here are some great books to look at during the course of this class.

Bordwell, D (2010) Film Art: An Introduction. McGraw Hill

Brown, B (2002) Cinematography: Theory and Practice: Image Making for Cinematographers, Directors, and Videographers. Focal Press

Katz, S (1991) Film Directing Shot by Shot: Visualizing from Concept to Screen. Michael Wiese Productions

Millerson, G (2008) Video Production Handbook. Focal Press

Nelmes, J (2011) Introduction to Film Studies. Routledge

BBC Internships: Update

The final list for the BBC Internships is as follows:

  • Mick Le Mare
  • Alex Hacking
  • Sam Davies
  • Matt Riddle
  • Jambo Dann
  • Jake Humbles
  • Faye Minster
  • Shaun Jacques
  • Gergana Todorova

Reserve: Steven Ringrose.

Could you all let me know asap your e-mail address (the one that you always use) and your mobile number, along with permission to give this out to Geraldine at the BBC.

I will be posting up details of the training as soon as I get them from her or she will advise you directly.

BBC Internships

Hi Guys

Only a very small number of you applied for the BBC Internships for the Big Screen by the closing date of yesterday. So, the places have been allocated as follows:

  • Mick Le Mare
  • Alex Hacking
  • Sam Davies
  • Matt Riddle
  • Jambo Dann
  • Isaac McGinley
  • Joanne O’Driscoll
  • Montage prize (if person is keen)
  • Montage prize (if person is keen).

What this means is that there will NOT be interviews tomorrow as planned. I will call a meeting in the next couple of weeks to talk through what happens next. Don’t worry if you cannot make it, full details will be e-mailed out to you.

Well done to those who took the time to apply. This will be an extremely good opportunity to network and get paid work with the BBC.

Cannes Film Festival

The deadline is approaching for entry to the short film corner at the Cannes Film Festival. All films must be registered by April 11th and uploaded to their server. If you are a) ready to upload and b) certain that you want your short to be seen and c) not planning to submit if for festivals that have an ‘only premieres accepted’ rule, then go for it!

 All films submitted that pay the entry fee get shown and the filmmakers get accreditation. Enter your films and find out more at:

 See post from Shooting People below as to whether or not it is “worth it”.

11 A – cannes short film corner – adviceFrom: Ben Craig  |  Member Name: bencraig 

Reply to member  |  Reply in bulletin  |   bencraig

Hi Rob,

The Short Film Corner is actually just a sidebar of the Market.
So there isn’t any “getting in” as it were. You just submit your
film, pay the money, and so long as the film is some kind of…
well, film (i.e. not your wedding video), then it will normally
be accepted.

Films then go into the database and are available in screening
booths in a dedicated area of the Market (basement of the
Palais). Films are available to all-comers to watch in the
booths via computers and a web interface so you can search etc.
It is possible to book larger screening rooms (circa 10 people)
for free on a first-come first served basis.

Is it worth it? Absolutely, because you get two accreditation
badges when you register. These give you access to the areas of
the festival you need to get into, and also to the festival
screenings themselves. There are also a range of sessions and
networking events for all participants, and of course the happy
hour at the end of every day with free drinks (nice warm up for
the evening).

Ben Craig
Cannes – Festival Virgin’s Guide


I have been reading over the notes from the External Examiner when she came to moderate the work last year and completely forgot about probably the most important point she made: namely that if a module relied on a blog hand-in, we had to require students to provide hard copy of that blog. The reason for this is that, in this and other institutions, students have amended their blog after handing in and then appealed the mark they were given.

So, EVERYONE on the module needs to provide:

  • a hard copy of their blog (all of it, not just the posts for assessment). If you prefer, you can hand in an XML copy of the blog on CD (Go to ‘Tools’ in the WordPress Admin page, then export. Make sure you export the whole blog, not just the posts for assessment). If you would prefer to send a copy of your blog via e-mail rather than buring a CD, go to and import your XML file and export as a .pdf
  • a copy of their montage on DVD as it needs to be sent off to her for moderation. These are also needed for the BBC Internships.

The deadline for these two things is Wednesday of this week (30th).  I Please hand them in either during your 264MC feedback sessions tomorrow (if you have them) or, if not, to reception  with your name clearly on both items.

It is VITAL that everyone on the module does this as the External Examiner has the power to reduce the marks given by staff here and, from her comment last year, if she feels that things have not been done by the book , then she will. So, if a handful of people do not submit, she WILL reduce the marks of everyone. I will put a list of anyone who has not handed-in by the deadline, up on the noticeboard and on the blog on Thursday of this week.

This also applies to your other modules so please make sure that you have printed off blogs for Short Film and Experimental Narrative. I will loook into term one modules after this week as they have all now been marked.

I am sorry for causing you this inconvenience: the mistake was mine and mine only.


There will be an urgent meeting tomorrow at 3.00 in ET34 to clarify the reuirements for Professional Experience in regard to the paperwork required. It is imperative that everyone attends the session as, without that peperwork, you cannot legally carry out profressional experience. This has to be signed off by your Academic Personal Tutor during the tutorials next week so it is vital that everyone understand what they need to do before those tutorials. The session should take no more than half an hour. DO NOT MISS THIS SESSION: IF YOU DO, YOU MAY NOT BE ABLE TO DO THE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE ENVISAGED.